Charity & Community

Improving your team spirits while giving back to society is a true win-win situation! We developed team building programs aligned with NPO to help your team give a personal and decisive contribution to the welfare of society and conservation of nature.

Featured program:

Charity Event – Bikes for Kids

There is no better way to unite and motivate different individuals to work as a team towards a common goal and contribute to a social cause. This team building activity will have you use your creativity, leadership and communication skills in a healthy competitive environment with the invaluable feeling of helping a social organization provide a better quality of life to the local children.

Charity Event – Bikes for Kids

Assembling a bike from scratch is a management and teamwork challenge. Each team will be immersed in technical and coordination tasks in this CSR activity.

Significon-Time-5122 From 3 to 4 hours
 From 32 to 300 persons

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